c'est moiWelcome to my (almost) happily ever after…

I’m June. Alexandra June to be precise. I am from Buffalo, NY…the Queen City. I moved away and on my own as soon as I could, at age 17, but now I think I’m going back. I used to look for happiness in every far flung corner of the world, but I think its been hiding in my own little corner of the world this whole time.

This is my blog with insight into this world of mine. At the moment I live on a small farm in the mountains of north carolina, and I’ve dubbed myself a “freelance farmer.” Sometimes what I put in the ground grows, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s all a learning experience. Sometimes you’ll find posts on food: either things I’ve tried at restaurants or recipes I’m making, some days I might be feeling crafty & make something for y’all or share some ideas from other blogs I love, often I’ll take off and go on an adventure someplace.

Things I’m up to currently: canning, cooking a lot, tweeting, cheese making, baking bread, gardening (soon I will be shoveling snow off my plants), planning my best friends wedding, translating 19th century French poems, and looking for a real job. My backup plan is to farm full time.

Keep in touch. Make comments, tweet me, send me a letter… I might just send you something yummy in return.


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