Amazing Organic Farm Wedding~


organic farm wedding pic. american gothic

This wedding is RIGHT up my ally!

This organic farming couple from massachusetts planned, hosted, and cultivated almost everything for their big day! The ULTIMATE DIY wedding.

organic farm wedding. watermelons!

The bride, Sarah, describes preparing the ceremony location on their farm for her big day:

In the spring, we planned and planted a garden there, in a semi-circle, to be the backdrop of the ceremony. We used plants that would be in bloom for our wedding date in September, and every week of the summer went up to weed and water and fix things together.

Ceremony Space

Brides-to-be take note: grow your own flowers for your wedding! You’ll save money, the environment (not shipping flowers from the other side of the world), and you’ll enjoy them so much more! Just think, you’ll get to see those flowers grow from buds into full bloom, enjoying them for weeks and not just one day. If you don’t have the space…send your bridesmaids, mom, mom-in-laws, aunts, grandmothers, and whomever else has space some seeds with their invites, you’ll get the benefit and they’ll really feel apart of your special day.

Grow your own flowers! They will make you smile!


One of the major tenants of any successful marriage, for me, is community. The bride sums up my thoughts about this precisely:

I think weddings, in many of their facets, are a celebration of community, and an affirming of community. For us it was very important to source the parts of our wedding from people and farms that we care about. In so many ways this is strengthening.


This couple is amazing! Working together everyday, growing food for their community while nourishing their love for one another.

Kissing in the Kale!

Be sure to check out Style Me Pretty for more amazing wedding ideas! They’re one of my favorite wedding web-sites.

And how gorgeous are these pictures? Kudos to Studio Foto!

just married


And be sure to check out Red Fire Farm if you’re in their neck of the woods.

redfire farm


While you’re at it, check out local farms in your area. Farmers are nice people. Even if you live in a city chances are there is at least a community garden around where you can get your hands dirty.

go meet a farmer!



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