Gorgeous and Fun Place Card Ideas


Why go with boring old folded card stock for your place cards?

These ideas much more creative. Pick a style that goes along with your theme, the decor, or something that suits the individual guest (then its something extra for them to take home).

These are from Timeless Paper… on etsy. I love etsy by the way. You can find some neat stuff just browsing around.

like this… or really creepy stuff…. like this…

Anyway, these ones are perfect for a holiday party…

These were featured on Hostess with the Mostess …another great site for ideas.

There are just too cool.

Another fun idea featured on style me pretty… that actually IS just a folded piece of cardstock! Definitely DIY

heart name cards

another DIY idea from mint love social club: she gives you step by step instructions as well… very easy and really fun. If you can find interesting pictures of everyone its definitely an ice breaker. You could also use baby pictures if you could find them, everyone likes looking at babies!

DIY polaroidsV

A special keepsake is a great for place cards, like these compasses from Laura Hooper Calligraphy featured on the Southern Wedding Blogcompass place cards

Laura Hooper also does really cool maps that you could use in your invites instead of directions, or for some extra favor in an invite.

If you have a steady hand you might try learning calligraphy yourself. There are many different kits out there to try. My uncle is a master of calligraphy & even when he is sending something simple he uses calligraphy for the labels and it makes receiving everything seem like a little gift. You’ll save a lot of money too.

From the queen of crafts herself, Martha Stewart, these parasol place cards and twirled heart are adorable!

I love the idea of putting love quotes inside the “fortune cookie” place cards, or really personalizing things by writing special notes to guests. The luggage tags are awesome because it’s something your guests can use again and again and always remember your special day.

Martha, of course, has tons of ideas…

Place cards are something that are pretty easy to do yourself and put your personality into. Plus, their a smaller detail that if you mess up a bit it wont matter.


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