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Hello World! How do ya do?


Welcome to my blog!

I’ll regularly be posting about life on a farm in western north carolina: cooking, canning, gardening, crafting, and adventuring. Soon I’ll be leaving this little farm to start my own (I think) back home near Buffalo, NY.

This blog is called june ever after because I’m working to make my own happily ever after…not waiting to find it. I have my prince charming, looking for the perfect castle, and hoping a fairy godmother shows up one day to tell me I’m on the right track.

I hope I can teach you all to do some neat stuff, or at least introduce you to something neat. I also hope you guys can teach me as well! Please use the comments box so we can chat. Add to my recipes, tell me something looks ugly, ask me questions, and tell me if I’m a goober. Seriously.

I hope you enjoy!